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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Accelerated CO-PA with SAP HANA

Accelerated CO-PA with SAP HANA

CO-PA Accelerator is a one of HANA accelerators which are basically tools for speeding up of existing e.g. ECC’s functionalities leveraging SAP HANA. In particular case of this accelerator CO-PA’s operating concern data is transferred to HANAdatabase. Reporting on CO-PA data then is on HANA’s in-memory DB rather than to classic ECC’s relational DB.

CO-PA Accelerator comes with ECC’s version SAP ERP 6.0 SP21. Furthermore I detail customizing steps that are needed in order to enable integration of HANA with ECC’s CO-PA.
Customizing is available in TA SPRO-> Controlling -> Profitability Analyses -> Tools-> SAP HANA Integration -> Set up SAP HANA Integration:

See following SAP Notes for details:

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